Tuesday 24 August 2010

Colour-me Good...

It is my birthday tomorrow, and so, we celebrated it at the weekend so everyone could be there (now I am an ex-pat you see)...and I got a head start on my AW2010 wardrobe when I was treated to the super soft and slouchy bobble hat you see above (from NewLook) and the gorgeous Nude/Blush/Mink Mimco Handbag too! Mmm... me likey!

Frankly, I think both need to be flanked by these gorgeous new season nail colours from NailsInc (at Asos) otherwise I would look horribly ungroomed and it would all be in vain... am I right ladies? ;)

Guess which direction my birthday spends might be going??


p.s. watch out for a very special birthday sale happening tomorrow ONLY! I'm turning 27, so that's a big clue to the discount we will be offering to all you lovelies!

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KELLY said...

birthday greetings for tomorrow you lovely spring chickadee! what gorgeous pressies...i sported a hat like that today on my stroll with the girl. yep i know it's august but it was windy and cooler and with a bad hair day a must. so when a man walking his dog made comment of "are you cold then?" i had to force a smile and push on...don't you just hate folk who don't appreciate the joy of accessories??! fab varnish btw... i could do with some grooming : ( you've made me vow to paint my nails once a month : ) xXx