Monday 7 June 2010

Dig down deep...

We've been out and about in the garden... working hard and planting some tasty eats for the coming summer - spinach, jalapeno peppers, baby carrots, a herb garden, mange tout peas (we already have tomatoes and strawberries coming along a treat!) and, having been in now for a couple of days, they are all coming on brilliantly with a little water every evening and some tending with our lovely Joseph Bentley garden tools...lettuces and beets still to go in.

My back has been badly out, so Ryan has been doing all the heavy lifting to help me loads - but still, all this nice sunshine leaves me itching to get on!! We took out our chairs and stools so we could enjoy the sunshine and relax a little under the pretense of work... deckchairs would have been like admitting we were just going to sun ourselves. ;)

We will be sharing a few of the little visitors we had in the garden of them, in particular, was rather surprising!

Enjoy the sun!


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Anonymous said...

Hey, that looks great guys! Can't wait to see the bees ::D