Thursday 13 May 2010

Video killed the radio star...

Hold on a moment...I just have something in my eye... *sniff*

Advertising can be wonderful...beautiful, moving short films that touch you in surprising ways (who can forget the first time they saw the Sony Bravia bouncing balls advert..?). This latest effort from John Lewis is one of those few that manage to surpass their origins as adverts and become something more...helped, in no small part, by the gorgeous soundtrack.

As well as being so very lovely, I hope this ad will do two other equally marvelous things- remind the world of the genius that is Billy Joel, and introduce everyone who hasn't been introduced already to the wonders of Guillemots (the advert soundtrack is sung by their lead singer, Fyfe Dangerfield)...their 2008 album, "Red" was, by far, one of my absolute favourites of that year...and remains on heavy rotation in casa del abigail*ryan!


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