Wednesday 26 May 2010

Oh, bee-hive!

I can't wait to order this gorgeous looking book...i've always loved bees, and am fascinated with the possibility of keeping my own in the garden (along with the chickens and the neatly trimmed rows of planted vegetables- it's becomming the veritable "Good Life" aound here!).
Ever since researching the "Eglu", mentioned in this post, keeping bees in the garden has seemed to be a real possibility, so a little light reading (i.e. obsessive research- I can't help myself when I get a *cough* "bee in my bonnet" about learning something new...the sheer amount of useless information in my head is staggering!) is in order.

Has anyone read this book, or any others they can recommend...the 2872 listed on Amazon is a little overwhelming!


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