Friday 21 May 2010

Flights of Fancy...

Abi and I have recently been re-watching all the series of Project Runway (we have a hole left by series 7 ending that needs filled!) and one of our favourite winners was Irina Shabayeva.

Even though series 6 (the season she won) was pretty roundly slated (and probably rightfully so), her collection was beautifully understated and luxurious...and would certainly have held it's own against any other season finale collections.

Portrayed as, sadly, not the nicest of people, during the run of the show, her talent and design skills won's hard to admit that you love the work of a person who, you imagine, you wouldn't like, but her collection was so good we fell for it completely.

Since the show, Irina has shown a Fall 2010 collection, sponsored by, believe it or not, Tupperware!

The images above are taken from the collection, and they are stunning- a simply gorgeous collection that looks rich, luxurious and elegant. We're not fans of fur at abigail*ryan, and we certainly hope the feathers are cruelty free, too, but, assuming the fur is fake, and that a major corporation like Tupperware wouldn't be willing to condone the use of items sourced through animal cruelty, we love pretty much everything about the collection. The hand-painted feathers are a genius touch, and the mixture of wonderfully wearable pieces with stunning statement gowns is, we think, the mark of a great designer...everything is simply flawless!

For more images, and further commentary, have a peek here.


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