Monday 19 April 2010

Save or Splurge!

As we're in the middle of redecorating, homewares and things of that ilk have been cluttering our collective mind as of late (i've been bullied in to saying collective...really, it's more that Abi chatters and obsesses and I sigh about spending money!).

To keep us both happy (her the "have nothing in your house you believe to be beautiful or useful" sort, and me the "do I need it? is it cheap?" sort) we've been scouring around for beautiful bargains to give our house the look we love, but for far less...we both have expensive taste...(seriously, we can find the dearest thing in the shop from a mile away...with our eyes closed!) so keeping prices down is super important (*turns and gives abi a stern look*)!

So, in that vein, welcome to the first in what we hope will be a series of posts featuring designer gorgeousness, and, what we think, is an excellent bargain equivalent- the look for less. HA!

The fantastic rug from Ikea is handwoven pure wool, measures 2 x 1.4m and costs a bargainiferous £95...
Having seen it in person, this cropped shot gives a much truer representation of the zingy vibrancy of the colours:
It does, however, have more than a whiff of Paul Smith about, if you feel like selling your soul, or offering up your first born, why not try this equally gorgeous, equally handmade, equally wool equivalent from the Rug Company :)


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Vivienne Percy said...

Great post Ryan and somehow the purchase found at a sneaky price which is just the ticket for what you want is more enjoyable than just walking into a store and handing over the full whack.... Great ideal, the have nothing in your house thing...think Abigail gets her pick the dearest thing in the shop from a hundred paces from her mother - sorry!. but these things definitely don't need to cost the earth!