Thursday 29 April 2010

Pots of Fun...well, plates, anyway ;)

Ceramics are, truly, my first love... ever since I went to a ceramics summer school when I was 16 or 17 (over 10 years ago, now...*sob*) I haven't been able to get the wonder of working with clay out of my system. In fact, when I first went to art school, I went to do the ceramics course, and it was only by chance, and circumstance, that I ended up in photography.

As I don't have the facilities to work in clay, I entertain myself by gorging on the wonderful eye-candy produced by the many fabulous ceramics artists out has taken a massive effort to resist posting ceramicist after ceramicist on this blog (Abigail shares my passion...luckily, or unluckily for our bank balance!) but, as we're now trying to post as often as possible, sharing our loves and inspirations as well as our own work, it seems only fitting to show *everything* we love- eve if it means an inordinate amount of posts about pots!

Anyway, I saw the work of artist, Sharon Bloom, today on etsy and thought it was fantastic...perfect for the animal lover, ceramics lover, or just anyone who wants something vibrant and sunshiny on their wall. You simply couldn't help but smile every time you caught sight of your smiley dog, googly-eyed fish, or sneaky looking cat! :)


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