Tuesday 27 April 2010

More Garden Gorgeousness!

As Abi and I are in the middle of filling the garden with gorgeousness (she's been stretching her green fingers, as you might have seen in other posts!) in preparation for the summer (BBQ's and cocktails on the patio...well, if you insist..! :) ), we've been on the look out for anything stylish or unusual we can use to add those final touches- always mindful of price, of course...

Just browsing on the M&S site, I came across these...dotted around the garden on the summer's evening, giving off a soft, flickering light, hanging from trees and branches- you can't tell me that wouldn't be beautiful!

Only 19.50 for the set of three- each a different size (ignore the sizes on the website, though- i'm pretty certain they're wrong!).


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