Wednesday 28 April 2010

Jelly for Grown-ups!

With summer finally rearing it's head, and the sun peaking it's way through the clouds (however shyly), and with Abi and mine's thoughts turned to parties and BBQs are just the next logical step...

With that in mind, i've idly pottering online this morning, vaguely thinking about parties on our patio, and what fun we'll have once the garden (and the house, for that matter!) is finally prettified enough for public consumption...when I found this this gem of a blog.

Whilst the blog is not exactly pretty, it is very new, and the central idea is certainly unique- jello shots taken to the Nth degree.

Everyone loves cocktails, and everyone loves they've cleverly put them together to make some wonderfully intriguing alcoholic, wibbly-wobbly treats.

Ingredients are listed, but the posts are more inspirational- you come up with your own ratios, matching each little cocktail to your own taste...just remembering that each sachet of gelatine jelly-fies a certain amount of liquid. They use "Knox" brand, which, I believe, can be substituted for this by our UK readers.

Even if you don't wish to use their recipes- the blog is completely inspirational...and the suggestion of flavouring your own vodka, and making your own syrups, could be useful in all areas of cocktail making.


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