Sunday 18 April 2010

Battletown Gallery...

Yesterday, Ryan and I, along with Ryan's Mum took a wee drive to Newtownards to visit the Battletown Gallery...

We especially wanted to see the paintings by
Robert McLearnon, who is a family friend. I really enjoyed visiting the space which is a beautifully converted stone barn nestled in the fields, on a lovely farm, just outside the town.

I really love Roberts paintings and we hope to own a
piece of his work one day! His use of colour is extraordinary and his pieces manage to have a very traditional old masters feel {like a snippet of sky from a Turner!} whilst remaining abstract, modern, fresh and captivating... It was really lovely to see the exhibition and chat to the lovely gallery owner. I look forward to going to lots of the openings from now on once I have moved over!

p.s. This wee painting by Andrew Coombes (of a red haired lady and her gentleman) which had just been brought out of storage for a wee airing was one of Ryan's favourites in the whole gallery! If I could have (and he hadn't), I would have definitely bought it for him as he just fell in love with it... ;) Only a shame I didn't get a good shot of it, but here's a wee idea of it anyway.


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