Sunday 10 January 2010

Snow day sale!!

We can't apologise enough for the total silence here at abigail*ryan, but after a hectic Christmas and New Year, Abigail and I decided to take some (well deserved!) time off...

You know how it is, though, a day becomes a few days, a few days a week, until, before you know it, it's nearly a month later and you're STILL relaxing (without actually stopping to draw breath- oh the joys of being self-employed!).

Anyway, we had planned a lovely Snow Day Sale to celebrate (commiserate?!) the very seasonal, yet still remarkably surprising weather we've been having in the UK, knowing that we would be able to start shipping any ordered items from January 12th. However, the snowy, freezey, icy, chilly, insane weather we've been having, coupled with poor Abigail's recent coming down with suspected swine flu (yes, believe it, or not, it doesn't just exist on the mum, dad, sister and now Abigail, have all been afflicted...I fear my days are numbered! ), has changed plans slightly...we simply have no idea when we'll no longer be stranded in Belfast and will be able to get back to the jewellery studio and, once there, when Abigail will be able to get out of her sick bed and back to the the jewellery bench.

We were left with a wee bit of a we took the easy way out and thought we'd leave it up to you to decide! We really wanted to thank you all for your wonderful support with a fantastic 15% discount, but didn't feel we could run a sale when we have no idea when items will we thought we'd leave the decision to you *and* add an additional thank you for your patience.

If you're happy to wait for the "Big Thaw" *and* Abi's immune system to come up to muster , ORDER NOW and you can enjoy EVERYTHING in DesireLines and Abigail Percy Designer Jewellery for a MASSIVE 20% OFF!! We just don't know when we'll be able to ship your orders (apart from DesireLines handbags, which can be shipped immediately). Just add the code "SNOWDAY10" in at the checkout.

All the best, and stay tuned for some new things coming soon!

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Mama V said...

Be well, my dears.