Tuesday 8 December 2009

Stuff I like...

If, like me, you have a sweet tooth and a love of all things japanese, you might enjoy one of my favourite blogs "Sweet Travel".

Sadly it hasn't been updated since August of the year (I do hope the author is ok), but, beautifully written, and wildly evocative, I find it completely fascinating...and there is more than enough information in the archives to be getting on with!

For a long time I have been desperate to travel to Japan (the thought of the massive, and, i'm sure, super-budget-economy long haul flight putting only the slightest of dampeners on things) but reading about these wonderful sweets and cakes has added another level of excitement about the possibilities... I'll make it there one day!

Until then, I hope you, as I do, enjoy reading about "matcha", "mochi" and "dango"!

Please note, all images used have come from Sweet Travel.


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