Sunday 8 November 2009

Renewed Vigour!!

Just a quick note to thank you for reading our humble blog. We have been so unbelievably busy lately working on the big launch that we simply haven't had the time to blog about everything we would like to...and, for that, I would like to apologise.

There has been a huge amount going on backstage, though- frenzied sewing, fabric deliveries, late nights, ALL nights (!), and loads of other bits and pieces that we would love to tell you all about...and now, finally, we have built up enough stock to be able to do just that!

Hopefully later today, there will be a great post on the launch of our range at Newry Town Hall Craft Fair, and Abigail and I will be getting back on track with the "stuff we like" posts, to give you more of an insight in to our well as that, i'll be giving you some sneaky peeks at some new jewellery designs i'll be listing in my shop soon, and, if she lets me (!), some shots of Abigail styling and shooting all the newly completed abigail*ryan work for our soon to launch webshop. So, really, lots to be getting on with, and, I hope, lots to keep you interested!

Thanks for sticking by us so far,



Vivienne Percy said...

We'll always stick by you two, how could we not - you have both worked so hard over the last while and I am SURE it will be worth all the hard graft! I am hanging with my debit card at the ready for the new goodies! I can't wait and have a list ready of the things I would like to buy!
Sending aa big well done and lots of love to you both
Mum/Viv xx

Trish said...

Can't wait! :D
And, like Abigail's mum, I've got my credit card at the ready for the new goodies!! Kudos to both of you for all your hard work and dedication. :)