Sunday 29 November 2009

Newry Craft Fair '09

 we're practically sitting on our hands here to avoid telling you all more about the (whisper it) BIG LAUNCH (!!!!!!!) tomorrow, I thought i'd occupy myself with a wee update about the craft fair we did a few weeks ago.

The space, Newry Town Hall, was great...large, airy and rather dramatic- apparently it's used for concerts, plays and various cultural happenings in Newry. As you can see in the photos, the stage was converted in to a temporary cafe- catered by the most wonderous "Yellow Door" deli...the braised beef with buttery mash and crispy fried root veg was awesome!

There was a massive selection of work, from fine jewellery to felted hats and brooches, knitted scarves, stunning ceramics, glorious handbags made from vintage materials and, of course, beautiful cards from our friend Heather of Rag Button.

Sadly, the turn-out just wasn't what was expected, so the fair wasn't exactly ablaze with customers, and our ears were very much not ringing with the sound of cash tills!

All in all, though, we had a good time, learned a lot about setting up our stand and the best way to do it in the future, and caught up with everyone we know from the CDC craft fair circuit. I'm not sure we'll do it again next year (it was incredibly exhausting), but i'm glad we tried it this year so, if anything, at least we can't say we didn't go all guns blazing ;)

Hope you enjoy the photos (though forgive the somewhat dubious quality- my poor wee camera couldn't cope with the crazy artificial light!)!


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