Wednesday 14 October 2009

Luxury on the inside, too...

This morning, 73kg worth of pure feather cushion inserts arrived into our little flat... the reality of their cumulative size and weight hitting a little harder than a good whack with one of said feather pillows would have... the cloudy little devils! ;)

However, we are totally delighted... it's fantastic to see our size choices in the flesh, to be able to envisage and be that little bit closer to launch!

We decided to go for total luxury here - on the outside AND the inside... we figured there was no point in pouring our hearts and souls into designing and printing our own exclusive fabrics for cushions, {backed with stunning, pure, locally produced, Irish linen} only to fill them with foam!

No Sirree... we went for pure Duck Feather!

To give support, to snuggle into, to plump and squish and do all the things a *luxury* cushion should do...


{off to clear some cupboard space now so we can access the telly later!} ;)



Anonymous said...

.....ok can i buy one already???!!!! :)

Anonymous said...
should check it out, an abundance of pattern designs just thought of you guys....thought might like.

melissa loves said...

Oh....good god! This plus the gorgeous fabric below! I cannot WAIT for the launch! Keep me posted if you think of it, ok? Wonderful! And how adorable is your new avatar above? Sooo adorable!

Andrea said...

Great work.
Looking forward to more...