Thursday 3 September 2009

Hard act to follow...

I don't even know if I should try to compete... after all, who could swing a conversation from Jim Carrey to the Krankies and back to the launch of a home-wares business with such ease and aplomb? Not I, certainly.

I can probably say with some certainty that I am a seasoned blogger - I've been at this lark for over four years now over at my own wee online nook, but it's really lovely to be venturing out and beginning something new in this space, and sharing it with someone so dear, whose insights I am truly excited to hear as we go along, {just so you know, Ryan will be rolling his eyes now and calling me a soppy twat at this juncture!} is a really exciting prospect.

Even more exciting is that I get to work and run a business with this guy. Not everyone gets to be so lucky now, do they? I mean, to spend time with someone and work with them and it not even feel like work... well, I call that lucking out!

A little bit about me and my background for those who don't know me... I'm Abigail - a designer jeweller, living in Glasgow for the time being. My journey into working as a bijoutier was a rather straight forward one - I graduated with a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2005, and went straight into running my own business, crafting fine jewellery and selling it online and in galleries and stores throughout the UK.

The slightly less straight-forward part of my career is that I have some major creative passions that lay elsewhere... a love for motif, plants and organic forms, a love of drawn line {cross-hatching, oh-my!} and a deep draw to textiles and home-wares, and to the home and domesticity. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be involved in this field... to use my drawings and illustrations in fabrics and to see all these seeds of thought and inspiration through to solid conclusions.

Meeting Ryan, we knew we worked well creatively together almost right away - ideas bounced off each other and there was a fantastic natural creative flow - as well as everything else deliciously "clicky" a couple should have! It seemed so natural to us to begin something together that harnessed and combined our strengths as designers - and so, "abigailryan" is born!

Having been working on the first collection of designs now for some months, it's fantastic to see them coming together. To see our tastes merge and combine - shift and evolve. Our sense of humour peek out, perhaps in the form of some unexpected and daring colour combinations... perhaps just because of the memories I am making while we do this?!

I hope you will stay tuned to this blog as we reveal our new product ranges and share peeks into our processes and designs - we hope to launch our new shop around late October, but there will be plenty to whet your appetites before then! We will also be sharing things that inspire us on this blog... perhaps music we are listening to in the workshop too... we are not quite sure yet, but that is certainly more than half the fun!!

We hope you enjoy following our progress, and thanks for visiting!

A xo


KELLY said...

sweet abigail! congratulations on love and creations...i really can not wait to see the work you two make...i just know it is going to be something really special. i shall be eagerly awaiting more news on your projects. roll on october!! hugs Xx

Jay (UK) said...

Seeing your inspirations and crative process on the blog will cool. Looking forward to seeing the store too, yay!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh boy~ I am so excited to see what the two of you create together! Please keep me posted, I would love to know and talk about it on
Mloves. All the best!